A full documentation on how to use Flagpack in your design tool of choice or in your code project using your favorite JavaScript framework/library.

Flag index

An index listing every flag available in Flagpack including the option to search for flags by country name as well as and country code (two-letter, three-letter and numeric).

Look up flags by their name or ISO code


Flagpack is currently available for Sketch . Figma and Adobe XD will be supported in the future. The flag icons are also available as rasterized PNGs . To make your life as a designer easier you can insert flags and alter their look and feel through symbols/components overwrites.

Adobe XD

We're working on it, promised.

Coming Soon


Set up Flagpack to have 260+ flags at your disposal within your code project. Flagpack is available for JavaScript frameworks/libraries Angular, Vue and React.

For Angular

Flagpack will be available soon for Angular.

Coming Soon